Om Dream Catcher with symbol

Om is a sacred symbol for Hinduism,Buddhism,Jainism and Sikhism.It is a wave of powerful sound,which fills us with heavenly power.Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra women artists are preparing Om Dream Catcher.The Om Dream catcher adds aesthetic vibes to your room and regulate energy.It attracts good energy to your room.You may hang it in office,home and in your Puja room.You may use it for meditation also.It protect the place and you from negative energy.You start to think positively,dream positively.You feel the presence of almighty everywhere.

With each our hand made purchase you are going to help those women underprivileged artists,who are struggling hard for their lively hood.This is made by these women with love and care.

The dimension of this dream catcher is 5*1*16.5 cm.The material used are Soft MDF wood.It is engraved on wood by grass root women entrepreneurs, It is decorated by also team of grass root women entrepreneurs. It is ready in bulk. It is used for giving gifts also.

The MRP is Rs 850.

You may get our discount offer of 10% till 30 th April.

We are taking bulk order of this kind of Hand Made also.

Contact us through this page sharing your mob. no.

Contact WhatsApp number is 8521562111.

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