Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani Paintings are a type of folk- art . It was started from the Mithila region of Bihar. It is said that King Janak was preparing for the marriage of Sita to Lord Rama . Janak ordered all artists of the region to adorn the wall of the palace with artwork . Thus it is considered as birth of Madhubani Paintings . There are mainly three kinds of Madhubani  Paintings .                                                                                                                                                       1. Kayastha –  These types of Madhubani Paintings can be seen on the wall art of Kohbar Ghar . Artists that used to craft this form ensured to utilise a solo colour throughout when craved on the paper . It depicts the characteristics such as life and fertility .                                 2.Bharni – This kind of paintings are based on the stories and life events from Hindu deities such as Krishna , Durga , Kali , and Vishnu .                                                                                           3 Tatoo –  Jamuna Devi was the first dalit who had started her hand on art . It was the tatoo form of Madhubani Art .                                                                                                                             These types of paintings generally depicted the stories of King Rajesh , Moon , Sun and Rahu . Nowadays , these paintings are done on cotton or silk or canvas . These paintings are made using natural colours that are sourced from the paste of powdered rice , natural dyes and plants . This art form is believed to be around thousands of Years Old .

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