Empowered Girls and Women by Ipsha

More than 5000 women and girls are empowered by Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra.

Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra is an N.G.O committed to help underprivileged children,girls and women.Since 2015,it has empowered more than 5000 women and girls through its different training programs.Through it’s Tailoring and Stitching Training more than 2000 girls and women are empowered in different locations of Bihar.N.T.T and P.P.T.T courses have brought colours in the lives of more than 2000 girls and women.Most of trainees were from underprivileged classes.The organisation helped them in completing their training and empowered those to stand on their own feet by providing jobs opportunities in schools,molls and other Business Centres.

The case study of Sweta Priya,whose parents were working as daily labourers,after taking N.T.T course,she is now working in Private School.

The case study of Nisha Kumari,whose parents are working as  daily wagers,she is working in a school.♥

Time to time it has conducted workshops and seminars and empowered girls and women.

In recent past it has helped them in being business women by providing them training in shopping and customers handling.


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